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Klaus Ossing...

..born in the "Ruhrgebiet" in the middle of Germany and lives today in Cologne. Already during his study he intensely started to deal with the photograph. The first photographs originated in the area of the sports photograph. The photographic company of different motor sport series followed all over the world about many years away. Then later the areas Fashion and People also came. Besides, most photographs originated in Italy an Spain. The charm in the Fashion - and Peoplefotografie lies to be able to hold on the beauty and intimacy of a moment. Besides, he does not keep to the rules of the picture creation separate tried to show the natural beauty of the model from his approach. Pictures are defeated only by the artistic freedom of the photographer. Since 2005 he also devotes himself to the nude photography. The challenge with the nude photography consists in admitting a small secret to the photographed person still and in giving the possibility to the viewer, in letting free run to his imagination.

His basic principle is: Much more importantly than technical perfection with a photo is his ability to provide emotions and moods. One cannot catch eroticism and radiation in rules.

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